Blogging Break: Part I

I hate that I’ve been absent. I don’t like being stuck in bed not being able to do much besides get up to pee.  I’d love to be writing my book and doing crafts to post blogs and cross stitching.  I feel like I’m starting to get back to that now; four weeks after I’ve broken my left wrist.

So, I was walking down our slightly sloped driveway on some snow-covered ice and slipped.  I fell backward and of COURSE, put my dominant arm out to catch myself.  I landed on my butt and my wrist and heard the snap and I screamed in fright.  In fright of what the meaning of breaking my left wrist meant:  No more use of my dominant hand.  And no more cross stitching.  (My favorite hobby.)

Cross Stitching with a Broken Wrist

It was very hard to cross stitch during the first week.

I spent the first week in a simple splint until the swelling went down. Cross stitching was only manageable with my right hand due to the pain and restriction of the splint.

During the second weeks, it was a little easier to cross stitch.

The next two weeks I was in a regular green cast.  I could cross stitch with my left hand again and at a decent pace.

Needing Surgery

Unfortunately, my muscles “relaxed” (as the doctor said) and my broken bone shifted further out of place leading to a higher degree of permanent damage that I just couldn’t live with so I decided to have corrective surgery.

I would need a plate and some pins put in to shift my wrist bone back into a more mobile angle.  Perhaps irrationally, but maybe a sign of denial, my biggest fear initially was setting off metal detectors for the rest of my life!  Then I started to worry about complications of surgery and my wrist ending up in worse shape than before.

The Day of Surgery

By the time my surgery date arrived, however, I was confident in my doctor and I had a good feeling about the staff taking care of me at the hospital during prep time.  The nurses had trouble finding a vein for an IV so I got one in my upper arm using ultrasound for the first time.  Another nurse warned me not to use my wrist too much or my pins would come loose and I briefly swore off cross stitching for two weeks.

The doctor showed up an hour and a half late (I was having surgery after his clinic hours that day).  I forgave him quickly, though, when he reassured me he was going to fix my wrist like new again.  I trusted him.

…Watch out for PART II coming in a couple weeks!!


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