Blogging Break: Part II

I’m back!  Sorry Part II ended up being a couple of months later rather than weeks.  I had some depression issues and had to go through physical therapy for a month, which was hard sometimes and pretty painful.  But as far as the range of motion goes, I’m pretty much back to normal.  Not some much for grip strength though.

If I cross stitch too long, I need to wear my brace, but I didn’t have any trouble with it golfing nine holes recently.  Here are some pics of the scar, the first one is from before physical therapy and the second one is from today.

It appears that my after picture looks worse (more red), but that’s what it really looks like and the physical therapist said the redness SHOULD fade over time.  We’ll see.  But the really good news is that I’m finding more time for blogging!!

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